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Introduction to the App Market

About Aasaan's App Market, and how to use it for your business.
In Aasaan's app market, you can find several apps to help you manage every aspect of your store. We offer apps for payments, shipping, adding sales channels, marketing, analytics and much more.

How to Access your App Market

Login to your Aasaan app and click on Manage.
Click on Business.
Click on App Market.
Here you can see all the apps available.
Click on the Filter by dropdown to view and filter the app categories.

How to Install Apps

Click on the app you wish to install. For example, here we will install Delhivery.
Click on the Install button.
Your app will be installed and you will be taken to the page to enter the required credentials to integrate your app - in this case, your Delhivery access token and Pickup Address ID.

How to View Installed Apps

You can view installed apps by going to Manage > Business > My Apps.
  • When you install an app without completely integrating it, it shows a red settings icon. Here, we can see that Delhivery hasn't been integrated after installing.
  • After the integration, when it's active, you can see an Edit button and the app is color-coded green.
  • You can deactivate an installed app by clicking on the app, then clicking on the "⋮" button and then clicking on Disable.
  • Once deactivated, you can see an Edit button and the app is color-coded yellow.
  • If you wish to reactivate an app, click on the "⋮" button and click on Enable.