The Pages feature in Aasaan is a comprehensive tool for managing your website’s pages. It allows you to view all your pages, add new ones, modify settings, and manage page organization.

Default Pages

When you create a website with Aasaan, there are several default pages that come with every template. These pages are essential to the structure of your website and cannot be deleted:

  • Home - The landing page of your website.
  • About Us - A page that describes your company or organization.
  • Terms & Conditions - Legal agreements between you and the user.
  • Privacy Policy - A statement that discloses some or all of the ways you gather, use, disclose, and manage a customer or client’s data.
  • Payment Policy - Details on payment methods and processes.
  • Shipping Policy - Information regarding shipping methods and costs.
  • Return & Refund Policies - Guidelines on how customers can return products and receive refunds.
  • Contact Us - A page for customers to reach out for more information or support.

Adding Pages

To add new pages to your Aasaan site:

  1. Access the Pages section in the Builder.
  2. Click the ’+ Add New Page’ button.
  1. Provide the required information and press Save.

Changing Page Settings

Modifying the settings of existing pages is straightforward:

  1. Access the Pages section in the Builder..
  2. Click against the page for which you want to view/modify its settings and click on settings.
  1. Do the necessary changes and press Save.

Deleting Pages

To remove a page from your site:

  1. Click against the page for which you want to remove.
  1. Choose ‘Delete’.
  1. Confirm Deletion: After reading the confirmation modal, click ‘Delete’ to finalize the deletion.

This Pages feature in Aasaan is designed to offer full control over the structure and navigation of your site, enabling a smooth and efficient process for page management and customization.