Welcome to Aasaan! Our platform is designed to be incredibly user-friendly, ensuring you can start building your online store with ease.

How to Begin Building:

  1. Sign Up: If you haven’t already, create an account to get started.
  2. Explore Aasaan and Shopify Integration: Understand how Aasaan seamlessly works alongside Shopify.
  3. Link Your Aasaan Site to Your Shopify Store: Connect your Aasaan site to your Shopify store for streamlined operations.
  4. Quick Overview of the Builder: Familiarize yourself with the Builder and learn about the Elements that can enhance your pages.

Congratulations, you’re all set to create your storefront! You have the option to use pre-built sections or a template to ease your journey.

Advancing Your Aasaan Site:

Once you’re comfortable with website-building, you might want to:

  • Learn About General Settings: Discover how to tweak the general settings of your Aasaan site.

Support and Assistance

Good luck with building fantastic online stores! Remember, our Support team is always here to help if you need guidance or have any queries.