Aasaan Analytics — Enhanced Analytics for Your Website

Aasaan Analytics offers a privacy-friendly solution with no setup required, providing insights into unique visitors, total visits, bounce rate, duration, sources, referrers, outbound link clicks, and more. This makes it an affordable and valuable tool for your business, with pricing based on monthly page views.

Getting Started with Aasaan Analytics

Aasaan Analytics gives you access to a new dashboard that helps you learn more about your website traffic. This enables you to optimize content and make data-driven decisions. Unlike other complex analytics tools, Aasaan’s analytics is user-friendly and easy to adapt.

Enabling Analytics

Enabling analytics on your Aasaan site is straightforward:

  1. Log into Aasaan and open the site you want to enable analytics on.
  2. Click into the Analytics page using the bottom button on the sidebar.
  3. Click ‘Enable Analytics’ and confirm pricing.
  4. Open the Aasaan Dashboard to view your analytics data.

Privacy-Friendly Approach

Aasaan Analytics is designed with privacy in mind. Your visitors’ data is anonymous, ensuring their privacy is not compromised. Unlike other analytics tools, Aasaan does not use cookies or share data.

Accessing Your Analytics Data

Once enabled, you can access various metrics:

  • Unique Visitors: Number of unique users who have viewed your site.
  • Total Sessions: The frequency of site access, indicating audience engagement.
  • Total Views: Individual page views, giving insight into popular content.
  • Bounce Rate: The percentage of single-page sessions, indicating engagement level.
  • Duration: Average time spent on the site, a measure of content relevance.
  • Views per Visit: Average pages viewed per visit, indicating content exploration.
  • Sources: Origin of your site’s traffic, essential for marketing optimization.
  • Referrer: The specific external pages driving traffic to your site.
  • Outbound Link Clicks: Popular external links, useful for content optimization.
  • Country / City: Geographic reach of your site, for tailored marketing strategies.
  • Device / OS: Technical profiles of your audience, guiding site design.
  • Browser: Visitor browser types, important for technical compatibility.
  • Date & Time Heat-Map: Traffic patterns over time, aiding in content scheduling.

Why Choose Aasaan Analytics

Aasaan Analytics stands out as it is fully integrated into Aasaan as a first-party tool, making it resistant to ad-blockers and GDPR compliant. By using Aasaan’s analytics, you can assure a privacy-focused, hassle-free, and comprehensive analytical experience, giving you the insights needed to grow your business effectively.

Commerce Analytics

Aasaan Commerce Analytics provides detailed insights into your online store’s sales, orders, and customer activities. This data-driven approach helps you understand consumer behavior, optimize your inventory, and enhance marketing strategies.

Key Metrics

The Commerce Analytics dashboard gives you real-time data on:

  • Current Visitors: Monitor how many customers are currently browsing your store.
  • Sales: Track total revenue over a selected time period.
  • Orders: Count the total number of completed purchases.
  • Customers: See the number of unique customers who made a purchase.

Product Performance

Evaluate individual product performance with metrics like:

  • Sales: Revenue generated by each product.
  • Views: Number of times a product page has been viewed.
  • Added to Cart: Frequency a product is added to shopping carts.
  • Purchased: Number of completed transactions per product.
  • Rating: Average customer rating for each product.

Time Period Comparison

Compare performance across different time frames to identify trends and seasonality in your sales and customer behavior.

Search and Filter

Use the search function to quickly find specific products and analyze their metrics. Sort by top sales, views, or other key performance indicators for targeted insights.

Actionable Insights

Leverage the analytics to make informed decisions about inventory management, promotional strategies, and product development.


Export reports for deeper analysis or to share with your team. Customize the report parameters to focus on the data that matters most to your business.

By harnessing the power of Aasaan Commerce Analytics, you can effectively track your store’s growth, understand your customers, and continuously improve your online presence.