SEO Optimization

Aasaan websites are equipped with built-in SEO optimization, ensuring effective search engine visibility. This includes both automatic and customizable features to enhance your website’s SEO performance.

Automatic SEO Features

By default, Aasaan sites include essential SEO elements like sitemap.xml and robots.txt, which are automatically generated to align with SEO best practices.

Meta Titles and Descriptions

Customize meta titles and descriptions for your entire site or individual pages, including CMS pages:

  • Site-wide Settings: In the site settings, provide custom metadata to help search engines understand your site’s content and purpose.
  • Page-specific Settings: Tailor metadata for each page to accurately reflect individual content and attract more clicks in search results.

Page SEO

Customize SEO settings for each page on your Aasaan site:

  • Access Page Settings: Click the gear icon on any page in Aasaan Studio to open page settings.
  • Meta Title and Description: Set unique meta titles and descriptions for each page to optimize for search engines. Titles should be concise (around 40-60 characters), and descriptions should be between 150-160 characters.
  • Visibility in Search Results: Ensure these settings are enabled for your page to appear in search engine results.


Track your SEO success and site traffic with Aasaan’s built-in analytics:

  • Built-in Feature: Utilize Aasaan’s analytics to measure site traffic and identify sources.
  • Google Analytics Integration: Add your Google Analytics ID in site settings for enhanced tracking and insights.

SEO Best Practices

Implementing effective SEO strategies includes:

  • Engaging Content: Write compelling titles and descriptions to improve click-through rates from search results.
  • Regular Tracking: Consistently monitor your site’s SEO performance using Aasaan’s analytics and make adjustments as needed.

Aasaan’s comprehensive SEO tools and features empower you to maximize your website’s search engine rankings and online visibility.