Desktop Admin


In this article, you will learn how to access aasaan's powerful website builder so that you can create an appealing website.
Login to your aasaan admin panel and click on Storefront.
Here you can choose an existing content template to add your widgets in. Widgets are blocks or individual elements like sliders, banners, deals, categories and new arrivals that add visual interest to your website and improve the navigation experience. A collection of widgets in a specific order is called a Content Template. You can add and delete widgets from a template, edit them and even reorder them to adjust the look and feel of our homepage and other pages.
You can duplicate a content template by clicking on the Duplicate button shown.
You can create a new content template by clicking on +Create Template.
If you are on the business plan, you can also decide which channel you would like to create your content template and widgets in.
In the coming articles you will learn how to add different widgets to your storefront.
Last modified 2mo ago