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How to Add Products to Your Store

How to Create Products in Your Store

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In this article, you will learn how to add products to your store. Please make sure to add a category before you start adding your products.
Log in to your aasaan desktop admin panel and click on Products.
Click on +New.
On the New Product Page, enter your product title, description and short description, and assign the relevant category. You can add brands and tags to further classify your products.
Note: Entering the product name and assigning a category are mandatory.
Click on the Browse button to upload your product images. You can add upto 6 images for each product.
If you have a YouTube video of your product, you can link it in the video URL field shown below.
  1. 1.
    For full-length Youtube videos, here is the appropriate link format:
  2. 2.
    For Youtube shorts, here is the appropriate link format:
You can click on the Front, Back and Delete buttons to move an image to the front of the order, the back of the order, or delete it altogether.
When creating a product, the SKU number is automatically generated but you can change it if you wish to.
If you sell branded products and have the unique manufacturing number or ID of the product, you can enter that in the GTIN field. For example, if you are selling a Smartphone, it will have a unique manufacturing number that you can enter in the GTIN field.
Next, you must choose the channel the product will be displayed in. Click here to learn more about channels.
Note: The feature of assigning channels to a product is only available on the business plan.
Enter the product's MSRP(maximum price) and Selling Price.
  1. 1.
    Entering the both original and selling price is mandatory.
  2. 2.
    If there is no discount for the product, the selling price should be the same as the original price
STEP 10:
Enter the quantity of the product in stock.
STEP 11:
For each channel you have assigned to the product, you can choose the relevant tax fields and add the product-level tax value.
Add the product-level taxes.
STEP 12:
Enter the dimensions and weight of the product.
STEP 13:
If you wish to add variants to your product like size, color and weight, click on Add Options. Here's the article showing you how to do it: How to Add Variants.
STEP 14:
Click on the SEO toggle button to enter the SEO details for your product page.
Enter the SEO title, meta description and preview image.
STEP 15:
Click on the toggle button to add any recommended products.
Select the products from the drop down menu.
STEP 16:
Click on the corresponding toggle button to add custom fields. Learn more about custom fields click here.
STEP 17:
Choose your custom field and enter the relevant information.
STEP 18:
Click on Save when you are done adding your product details.
You have now added a product to your store.