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How to Upload Several Products in Bulk

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If you're an unlimited plan subscriber, you get access to aasaan's desktop admin panel. Here, you can add thousands of products at once with our bulk upload feature. Here's how you do it:
Log in to your aasaan desktop admin panel and click on Products.
Click on More Actions > Import.
Click on Import Products.
Now you will have to download an excel sheet in which you will upload all your category and product details. Click on Download.
The excel sheet will have one tab for you to add your categories.
One tab for you to add your products.
One tab for you to add your variants.
One tab where you can view the options you have to create your product variants.
And one tab for you to add your brands.
Note: The options tab will only show color and size variants by default. If you want to add additional options and variants(like weight, volume, or additional colors and sizes) to be displayed in the bulk upload sheet, create a product manually with the extra options/variants you wish to add, and then download the bulk upload sheet.
Add your category details like name and description.
Add your product name and description.
Add the image URLs, pricing, and inventory information.
Note: To get image URLs, you can upload your product images to a cloud storage such as Cloudinary.
Enter further product details like weight, dimensions, category name and brand name.
Note: If you wish to mark a product as "Out of Stock" or "Hidden", then enter TRUE in the respective column(Out of Stock/Hide) for that product. If not, you can enter a value of FALSE, or leave that cell blank.
STEP 10:
If your products have variants, then you can add their details in the variants tab.
STEP 11:
To add variants to your products, first add your variants in the options columns such as "Color(options)" and "Size(options)". Then add the product name in column M for each row in which the variant is present. For example, in this case, we are creating the following size variants:
  • small
  • medium
  • large
  • extra large
We will add these variants in the column "Size(options)" and assign the product name to each size variant as shown.
STEP 12:
Finally, add the brand details in the Brands tab.
STEP 13:
Once you've added your catalogue details to the excel sheet, you can upload it to your store. Click on Select a file to upload.
Click on Upload.
The upload status will say "In Progress". Click on Refresh to update the status. On successful completion of the bulk upload, the status should say "Completed".
If there are any errors in the bulk upload - likely caused by filling up the excel sheet incorrectly - then the status will be visible as "Completed with Errors". You can click on the Download button under the results column to download the excel sheet and view the errors.