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How to Add Bulk Pricing for Products

How to Add Bulk Pricing to your Products

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If you're selling products in bulk and want to provide different prices for higher quantities, then aasaan's bulk pricing feature helps you do just that. Here's how you do it.
Log in to your aasaan desktop admin panel and click on Products.
Click on the product you want to add bulk pricing for.
Scroll down and click on the toggle button to enable bulk pricing.
Here you can choose the price per product and the quantity range.
For example, if 11 to 20 units of this product are ordered, we have set the per-unit price to 1099. Click on Add Rule to add further bulk pricing rules.
Here we have added another bulk pricing rule that applies when 21 to 50 units of the product are ordered. Once you are done, click on Save. You can add different prices for different product ranges.
The bulk pricing will be visible on the storefront website.
This updated price will be visible when your customer is checking out.
Important note: If your quantity is more than the maximum quantity set for bulk pricing, normal pricing will apply.