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Notes on making your site visible on Google
For your site to be visible on Google search, Google needs to index it.

How do I find out if my site has been indexed by Google?

You can search for your online store in Google by using a site search to see if your site has been indexed by Google.
In a Google search, enter or your site:<your custom domain>. If pages from your online store appear in the search results, then Google is indexing your site.
Note: Google usually indexes your site automatically
within 48 to 72 hours after you add or update information.
You can't force Google to re-index your site, but you can prompt them to do so by using Google Search Console. Google doesn't index all of the pages on a site. Learn more about what to expect when your site is indexed from the Google Search Console Help.
Points to note:
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    You can request detailed Google Index information about a URL in your property, including any rich results or videos, mobile usability issues, index status, and more. To see the current URL information in the Google index: Open the URL Inspection tool.
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    "URL is on Google" doesn't actually mean that your page will appear in Search results. Actual appearance in Search results requires that the page and its structured data conform to quality and security guidelines.
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    The URL Inspection tool doesn't take into account manual actions, content removals, or temporarily blocked URLs. To see if your URL is appearing, search for your URL on Google; if your URL is missing but this tool says it was indexed, here's how to find out why.
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    The "Last crawl" date in the Page availability section shows the date when the page used to generate this information was crawled.