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Facebook Domain Verification

Verify your Domain on Facebook

Verify your Domain on Facebook

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Facebook Domain Verification is the process of telling Facebook that you own your website. It is extremely crucial to complete this process before you start marketing on Facebook. You just need to enter the verification code to your website and Facebook will use that to verify. Once it's verified, you can associate your Facebook page with your verified domain.
The steps to verify your domain on Facebook are as follows:
Note: Make sure to install the Facebook Domain Verification app from the aasaan app market. Click here to learn how to install apps from your app market.

Get the FB Domain Verification Meta Tag

Log into Facebook Business Manager and go to your Facebook business account settings.
Scroll down on the left menu and click on Brand Safety > Domains.
Click on Add > Create a new domain to add a domain.
Enter the domain name in the format given below. Then click on Add.
Copy the meta tag snippet in the quotation marks after content= .

Add Tag to aasaan

Go to your installed Facebook Domain Verification app in aasaan. Paste the site verification code from step 5 and click on Verify.
The status should say "successfully connected".
STEP 10:
Go back to your Facebook Business Manager account and click on Verify Domain.
Your domain is successfully verified. Click on Done to complete the process.