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Add Intercom Customer Support Chat to Your Store

Set up Intercom Chat on your Store

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Intercom is an effective customer chat tool that allows your customers to chat with you while on your website. You can easily install Intercom's chat widget on your aasaan store. The steps are as follows:
Note: Make sure you install the Intercom app from your aasaan app market. Click here to learn how to install apps in the app market.
Copy your Intercom account code snippet. Click here to learn how to get your code snippet.
Note: Your code snippet will look like this. We only need to use the app_id highlighted below.
You need to copy only the app_id shown.
Go to your installed Freshchat app in aasaan. Paste the app ID from step 1 and click on Verify.
You have successfully set up Intercom chat on your website.
Last modified 1mo ago