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Payment Settings

How to Manage your Payment Settings

How to Configure your Payment Settings

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In this guide, you will learn how to manage payment settings on your Aasaan store from your desktop admin panel.
Log in to your aasaan admin panel and click on Manage.
Click on Payment Settings.
Expand the General Settings row to edit your tax rate.
Enter your tax rate.
Click on Save.
Once the tax rate is saved, the Cash on Delivery toggle is automatically enabled. You can disable it if you like if you do not wish to offer Cash on Delivery on your orders.
Note: If you have not integrated any online payment gateway to your store, cash on delivery is available on the website by default even if it is disabled.
Click on Connect to connect your payment gateway.
You will be taken to your aasaan app market where you can choose your payment gateway to install. Click here to learn about the app market.
You have successfully configured your store's payment settings.